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    International Multi-Carrier SIM Card - Mobile Data, Voice & Text.

International Multi-Carrier SIM Card - Mobile Data, Voice & Text.

Global Roaming STANDARD SIM Card, Mobile Data, Call & Text

Include 55 EUR Airtime, to be freely combine up to to 300 min. of calls, 800 Text/SMS or up to 300 mb of 3G data.
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  • International Dual SIM cards with UK (+44) and US (+1) Mobile number for Calls, SMS text message and Internet Mobile Data services.
  • Compatible with any type of unlocked mobile device, Smartphone, Tablets, Modem, Router...
  • SIM size: Standard (Mini), Type 2FF.
  • Work in 190 Countries, choose between 450 Mobile carriers as you go.
  • Free International incoming calls abroad, low rates international calls and mobile  Internet access anywhere.
  • Drop your International Communications and Internet Mobile Data Roaming cost by 85%.
  • No contract, No Monthly maintenance fees, No commitment.
  • No more "Bills shock" or unused data plan.
  • No Usage = No Billing.
  • Usage is debited from your account as you go, for only what you need, where ever you are.
  • Daily usage report, usage limit and alerts.
  • Air Time Credit valid for One Year since last recharge.
  • Online Recharge as you need with credit, debit card or Paypal.
  • All services and SIM cards are unified under a single account with easy management and efficient cost control.
  • Protect your privacy and your informations while traveling abroad, as well as in your own country.
  • Multiple SIM under one account, share the same credit.
  • Come with 2 mobile numbers a UK (+44) & US (+1) mobile number.
  • Option to add more local phone numbers to your SIM.
  • Full-featured Voice Mail (Virtual Answering Machine), message archive and notification
  • Forward calls to any number Worldwide.
  • Caller ID selection.
  • 3 Easy Step to order.
  • FREE Shipping.
  • 24/7 support in English, French and Spanish.

SIM card format:


Fit Standard-Mini SIM card slot









  • Compatible with any unlocked smartphone and mobile device


  • 3G Mobile Internet enabled
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • SMS - Text Messages