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Plug & Play Data Mobile Data

The MobilityPass Multi-Carriers SIM Cards are Plug and Play solution for Cell Phone with helpfull add-on services for travellers.

The MobilityPass SIM Cards work with any "unlocked" devices, Smartphones, GSM, Tablets, Modems, Mifi, IoT...

MobilityPass Gives You

High Speed Mobile Data

The best compromise for data is the 4G SecureXpress MobilityPassSIM Card, a 4G network capable that provide 10X faster connection than the other 3G SIM Cards. Another advantage is the Daily flat billing which can be activated separately to allow additional savings..
You can easily connect all your unlocked mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablets, Modems, Routers, Mi-Fi …) anywhere in the world to the best mobile networks, without worrying about switching SIM card or settings of your devices. Multiple major networks are available with your MobilityPass SIM, connecting you to internet at the best speed and coverage with uncompromising reliability.

Freedom & flexibility

MobilityPass services unify all your Multi-Carriers connections needs at local rates under a single currency. Do not waste your valuable time while traveling - stay connected and manage communications for your family or the team.
You can have multiple SIM cards linked to one single profile, which you can access through Member Area.

Stay in control

Online access to your Members area with a Web App or desktop. From here you can easily and fully manage your SIM cards, configure your services, update password, recharge and check the account balance. Our support team is also available there. We ensure easy follow-up, you will be notified on a daily basis when you use your SIM card including your usage details and available credit.

Including these benefits...

Plug & Play

The MobilityPass SIM card is in"3 in 1" sizes that fit Standard, Micro and Nano slot. It's compatible with all unlocked GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G devices, Smartphone, Tablet, Modem, Router, Mi-Fi, mobile devices .... To take advantage of the 4G SecureXpress MobilityPass SIM Card speed your device must be 4G enabled (your selected network shall also have 4G availability in your location) , that is the case of the most recent devices, iPhone, Galaxy, Notes, MiFi etc...

Ready to use

Your MobilityPass SIM card is pre-activated, you can use it immediately. The MobilityPass package includes the user guide and the login details to login to your Member area, that will guide you to take full advantage of the multiple possibilities of your MobilityPass roaming solution.

You are in Control...

Free Membership

When you activate your MobilityPass account, you automatically become a free "MobilityPass Member" without contract and operating under a prepaid service setup. Later on you can upgrade to several options for VIP or business

Endless Control

Access your account online to manage your Sim card´s, configure your services, select the plan, change your credentials, recharge, check your account balance, your usage, your users and manage your alerts. When you use your Sim card, you will be notified on a daily basis the details of your usage and available credit allowing accurate control of your expenses.

24/7 Support

Our Multi-Carriers customer service is available 24/7 only from your Member Area for security and privacy purposes.

Validity 1 Year

Your account is a prepaid account, whatever the credit you add to your account balance, this credit is valid for a period of 365 days and you can choose to add more online at any time using credit card, debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, BitCoin and any other convenient method. The best of all is that your existing credit is prolonged as well for the same period

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