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MobilityPass International SIM Card Benefits for Smartphone

The MobilityPass SIM Cards have been designed to assist International Travellers with their communications needs while discovering the World.
We have been providing bespoke data solutions for International travellers since year 2000.
MobilityPass offering is the result of our massive experience and generous feedback from thousands of our clients, including students, expatriates, globally mobile employees and businessmen, as well as celebrities, famous athletes, movie stars, racing drivers and writers.

Plug & Play Data, Voice & Text

The MobilityPass International SIM Cards are Plug and Play solution for Smartphone with helpfull add-on services for travellers.

The MobilityPass SIM Cards work with any "unlocked" devices, Smartphones, GSM, Tablets, Modems, Mifi, IoT...

MobilityPass Gives You

Mobile Data Anywhere

he best compromise for data is the 4G SecureXpress MobilityPassSIM Card, a 4G network capable that provide 10X faster connection than the other 3G SIM Cards. Another advantage is the Daily flat billing which can be activated separately to allow additional savings..
You can easily connect all your unlocked mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablets, Modems, Routers, Mi-Fi …) anywhere in the world to the best mobile networks, without worrying about switching SIM card or settings of your devices. Multiple major networks are available with your MobilityPass SIM, connecting you to internet at the best speed and coverage with uncompromising reliability.

Clear Sound Quality

MobilityPass SIM Card: The rigorous selection of 550 mobile operators in 190 countries, gives you access to a crystal clear quality calls, both incoming and outgoing (at rates similar to local rates).

Freedom & flexibility

MobilityPass services unify all your International communications needs at local rates under a single currency. Do not waste your valuable time while traveling - stay connected and manage communications for your family or the team.
You can have multiple SIM cards linked to one single profile, which you can access through Member Area.

No connection fees

Unlike most carriers, when you call with your MobilityPass SIM Card there is no call setup charges.

Stay in control

Online access to your Members area with a Web App or desktop. From here you can easily and fully manage your SIM cards, configure your services, update password, recharge and check the account balance and details of your calls. Our support team is also available there. We ensure easy follow-up, you will be notified on a daily basis when you use your SIM card including your usage details and available credit.

Including these benefits...

Plug & Play

The MobilityPass SIM card is in"3 in 1" sizes that fit Standard, Micro and Nano slot. It's compatible with all unlocked GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G devices, Smartphone, Tablet, Modem, Router, Mi-Fi, mobile devices .... To take advantage of the 4G SecureXpress MobilityPass SIM Card speed your device must be 4G enabled (your selected network shall also have 4G availability in your location) , that is the case of the most recent devices, iPhone, Galaxy, Notes, MiFi etc...

Ready to use

Your MobilityPass SIM card is pre-activated, you can use it immediately. The MobilityPass package includes the user guide and the login details for access to your Member area, that will guide you to take full advantage of the multiple possibilities of your MobilityPass roaming solution.

Confidential Numbers

Stay reachable Internationally with your own numbers, the US and UK mobile phone numbers included with the MobilityPass SIM card: UK (+44) and United States (+1). They are fully active mobile numbers, not virtual numbers as some providers may offer.
The “Confidential Number” is an essential feature for all travelers, as sometimes privacy may be required for security purposes. You can virtually replace the (UK or US) phone number of your MobilityPass SIM card by another phone number ("Proxy"), then the corresponding called party will see this "proxy" as your number. It allows you to make calls without showing your real (UK or US) mobile number. As another option you can set the “Proxy” as your personal or professional number, etc ... in that case the called party will identify you and callback to the "Proxy" number

Follow-Me Calls

Always stay reachable while travelling and even when you get back home, you can redirect incoming calls on your MobilityPass SIM to your home, mobile number or any International number. There is no additional charge for redirection to more than 125 countries. The redirection is free so you will never lose a call once back home.

Conference Lounges

At any time you can get the opportunity to organize International conference calls between multiple participants directly from your Smartphone. Our GSM conference service offers exceptional voice quality compared to usual roaming VOIP service.

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MobilityPass International SIM card
MobilityPass International SIM card
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What do you Get


Pay as you Go

No line rental, no call setup or connection fees, no hidden costs, no contracts, no commitment, no obligations, no roaming charges for incoming calls in certain countries. You only pay for what you use. No “usage” = No “billing”. Check our Coverage Do not forget that you can get up to 20% discount on our rates when you add certain amount of funds to your account. Check our rates

Flat Daily Billing for Data

In addition to Pay as you Go rates, The 4G SecureXpress MobilityPass SIM card offers daily bundles for certain set amount of Data (100Mb, 400Mb or 1000Mb per day) with daily flat rates debited from your account balance. You can instantly activate, stop or renew it from your Smartphone whenever you need. This allows you additional saving up to 80%

Data Bundle Management

The data bundles are activated directly from your Smartphone with instant activation, you can renew the data bundle/booster as many times as you need, providing you have sufficient funds in your account, or you can stop it when you do not need to use it anymore.

Easy Reload valid 1 year

Easily manage your expenditure anytime and anywhere.
Unlike other SIM cards credit that expire within 30 or 90 days and cannot be reloaded, the International MobilityPass SIM card credit is active for a period of 365 days from its purchase or its last recharge. You can recharge online, we accept major credit or debit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, etc... You will receive a status of your spending each day that you are using the services.
Do not forget that you can get up to 20% discount on our rates when you add certain amount of funds to your account.

Expedited and Free shipping

Shipping Options:
Premium DHL/UPS/FedEx Expedited Worldwide delivery within 3 business days. You can also choose to send to an address in your destination, to hotel, friend’s, post or DHL office.
We offer Free Expedited Shipping for orders above 99USD/EUR


  • Multisize SIM (Mini, Micro & nano)
  • Data, Call & Text
  • GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
  • Tethering Allowed
  • Mobile number +44 UK
  • Work in more than 150 countries (see country list)
  • Voice Mail, Caller ID, Forward


MobilityPass SIM Card Data rates in Guyana

Select other country above to view corresponding rates
Data charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go

Mobile Carrier


Countries are listed Alphabetically and network from lower to higher price per MB
MobilityPass guyana SIM card GuyanaGUYANA DIGICEL MOBILE - DIGICEL GUYANA {{getCurrency()}} 0.27


MobilityPass SIM card DayPass rates in Guyana

Select other country above to view corresponding rates
Data charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go
100 MB
400 MB
1000 MB
show more...
You Activated Day Pass remains active and renews daily until switched off. When you reach limit of the purchased data (100, 400 or 1000Mb) you will drop to low speed and have limited carriers available
DayPass Option
Drop to low speed Limited carriers
DayPass Option
Full speed charges per MB Unlimited carriers
DayPass Option
Block until next period No carrier
Notes: Please refer to FAQ/Knowledgebase for details on how to activate the Data Plan bundles and for other usage tips


MobilityPass SIM card Call rates from Guyana
Select other country above to view corresponding rates
Call charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go

MobilityPass SIM card outgoing call Guyana
Zone 2
MobilityPass SIM card outgoing call Zone 1
MobilityPass SIM card outgoing call Zone 2
MobilityPass SIM card outgoing call Zone 3
MobilityPass SIM card incoming call
Incoming calls 0.18 {{getCurrency()}}


MobilityPass SIM card Text rates from Guyana
Select other country above to view corresponding rates
Text charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go

MobilityPass SIM card outgoing call Guyana
Zone 2
MobilityPass SIM card text message Zone 1
MobilityPass SIM card text message Zone 2
MobilityPass SIM card text message Zone 3
MobilityPass SIM card incoming call
Incoming Text - SMS FREE

Notes: Please refer to FAQ/Knowledgebase for details on how to activate the Data Plan bundles and for other usage tips

!!! Activate a Data Plan for 80% savings and more Data!

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  • All you need to do is to purchase the SIM (10EUR/USD or Free for orders above 75EUR/USD, Pay for Express Delivery and order Credit Amount (with additional bonuses available).
  • SIM card works anywhere, check prices for each location
  • In each location you can use Pay as You Go or activate DayPass data plan
  • The more Credit you Purchase the more Bonus you get (up to 20% more credit)
  • We offer 50% discount for Delivery for Credit orders above 99USD/EUR and Free Shipping for orders above 100USD/EUR
  • Free SIM for orders above 75EUR/USD

Plug & Play Roaming Data, Voice& Text
Helpful add-on services for travellers.

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The MobilityPass SIM card is not limited to Guyana and work all around the world

With your MobilityPass SIM card account you are no longer tied to one single network carrier around the World or through their alliance - you are totally independent to choose any network at any time in any country where it is available.

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