How to hide your phone number in Telegram?

It just take few minutes!
1. Get a International Google Pixel number from MobilityPass.
2. Activate or change your Telegram registration number.

As soon activated your privacy is protected, your new number act as a proxy and replace your personal number that is usually shown in Telegram .
Your personal number will stop to be disclosed to anyone over contact, social networks and phone robots.

Do you share your email address around the world ?
NO! So why should you disclose your personal Google Pixel numbers to anyone!

If some one stop you on the street asking for your phone number, will you give it?
No! So why would you disclose it to unknown people over Telegram!

Keep your Numbers private!
MobilityPass International Google Pixel numbers replace your personal or business number to activate Telegram!

For example If your personal number is aaa-bbb-cccc, the replacement International becomes xxx-xxx-xxxx

This is not only for you, think about your family, children and relatives!

How can I stop providing my own personal phone number all over the social network? It's simple with MasProxy Google Pixel numbers translation, in a minute you get a International number.

How does it Work

MasProxy International Google Pixel number provides you a replacement of your phone number, no one will know the key (You are the only one knowing that this phone is yours) then you can use it safely to signup to Telegram.

Extra Security

MobilityPass numbers offers an extra layer of physical security in the replacement process , offering a choice to move your phone to different regions of the world like North America or Europe, when placing your order you can select your prefered zone , ie: If you are in Europe you can use North America region, this will discourage someone to try to reach you physically.

It will last for ever

No more need of urgent portability to rescue your existing services. Even if your personal number changes you still keeping the service signed up with this phone number running. This is a monthly prepaid renewable Service.

How am I protected?

This number can only receive the activation code from the service activated. No one can reach you or link your identity using MobilityPass number

Transparant for your phone

This service does not change any settings or habits about your personal phone number.

Keep personal number

The"MasProxy" International Google Pixelnumber will not affect in any way the usage and settings of your personal number. You can still using it for call and data connection as usual.

Secure your privacy from only
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Not to mention AS WELL...

Stop Harassment

The MasProxy phone number will reduce considerably the risk that someone tries to locate you and you will not be harassed by SMS or Calls

Protect children

This is very important to protect our children to be rich by any one , the use of their personal number is not private and they can be reached, With MasProxy numbers those security issues are solved, we also provide under certain conditions an extra layer of security when harassment happens we can be able to identify the source.


The difficulty to bypass the system and the distance put between predator and yourself are discouraging

Group & unknown

Did you imagine to how many unknown people you are showing your personal number, this is no more a privacy risk but a high security risk.

No phone line required

You do not need to have a phone line or SIM card , you can operate Telegram only using wifi. MobilityPass numbers will make it useless, for example with MasProxy number you can signup with Telegram from Wifi without any SIM card in your mobile.

How Can I cancel

You can cancel any time , cancellation will be effective at the end of the subscribed period, of course you can get back Telegram to your personal number and make it public again if you want.

Easy guide

This is very simple step to follow depends on what you want to achieve: 1. Signup for a full new Telegram, 2. Change your personal Telegram to the private MasProxy number 3. Replace your old Telegram by the MasProxy private one

Secure your privacy from only
3 USD/month...

MobilityPass International support 24 by 7
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