Privacy, Security hide your personal phone number WhatsApp Case Study & review?

How to hyde my WhatsApp personal (activation) phone number: I am currently in in need to contact family and clients outside , first I need to earn some on my telecommunication bill, The best choice is to activate WhatsApp as its available in for text and voice message. My concern is about privacy, my personal phone number is with the International code + , Here become my problem as I dont want my contact from WhatsApp knowing my own personal phone number. I am the one to decide when to disclose or not my personal phone number, even if it´s from or whitin the of , I dont want to declare to the social network robots that my message is lookup as from . I really need to keep my location private for plenty of honorable and personal motivation, I even do not talk about by own security when chatting with a WhatsApp group , in fact I just would like to get a phone number from another country like the USA or Europe , so I must keep a minimum of privacy and maintain some distance.

  • How can I activate WhatsApp messenger application with a new number or other than my personal?
    Yes it´s possible with Mas Proxy, Worldwide mobile Number is just about that.
  • How can I buy this new phone number from another location than my own country ?
    Yes , You can choose between USA +1 or UK +44 as a standard options.
  • As example, Let say I want to get a new phone number a long it can take to get it ?
    Yes, Buy now your Worldwide mobile Number within a minute and activate your WhatsApp with another number than using your personal one.
  • Do you spread your email around the world ?
    why should you spread your personal mobile numbers!

    If we stop you on the street asking for your phone number, will you give it?
    No! So why did you disclose it to unknow people over WhatsApp!

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