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MobilityPass International eSIM  Smartphone dual SIM eSIM for
MobilityPass eSIM Liechtenstein
By MobilityPass International since 2000 eSIM Smartphone dual SIM

Liechtenstein SIM card and eSIM for Smartphone with International prepaid Internet, Call and Text Services in Europe and around the World
MobilityPass International eSIM for Liechtenstein

MobilityPass offers network access for your Smartphone with the best local carriers in Liechtenstein, Europe and Worldwide at fantastic prepaid rates

Get the best local internet access in Liechtenstein we connect you with the premium local carriers of your choice

When connecting locally with the MobilityPass SIM card and eSIM in Liechtenstein you are subscribed through MobilityPass to the following local mobile carrier for Data, Call and Text:

  • We keep you connected in neighbours countries of Liechtenstein

    esim at:cheSIM Liechtenstein

    International SIM card & eSIM services available in Liechtenstein

    Whether you connect your Smartphone, SmartWatch or Tablet for critical business or relaxing time with relatives, you are the one who chooses your favorite network based on speed, coverage, reliability, quality, price or even time of the day at the location.

    We offer multiple prepaid plans from “Pay as you go” to various discounted DayPass plans available on the fly, from Data, Voice to text

    Liechtenstein SIM Card & eSIM - MobilityPass rates

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    MobilityPass DayPass Data Plan in Liechtenstein

    DayPass Plan can to be activated when you need it and you can use it for how many days as you like. For example if you go abroad for 3 days and need 100 MB per day, you will be charged 2.00 {{getCurrency()}} each day after activation of DayPass.

    Data Plan charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go, no need to select a Daypass plan now.

    100 MB

    (per MB/0.02)
    2.00 {{getCurrency()}}
    400 MB

    (per MB/0.015)
    6.00 {{getCurrency()}}

    (per MB/0.01)
    10.00 {{getCurrency()}}

    MobilityPass Pay as you Go Internet Access in Liechtenstein

    0.09 {{getCurrency()}}/MB

    As alternative to the DayPass data plan, you can use the Pay as you Go mobile data connections, usage is debited as you need from your available prepaid credit at 0.09 {{getCurrency()}} / MB. No usage = No billing

    Calling & Texting from Liechtenstein

    Call and Text charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go, no usage = no billing

    MobilityPass Calling from Liechtenstein

    Call charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go

    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Liechtenstein
    Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 2
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 3
    MobilityPass eSIM incoming call
    Incoming calls 0.18 {{getCurrency()}}

    MobilityPass Texting from Liechtenstein

    Text charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go

    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Liechtenstein
    Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 2
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 3
    MobilityPass eSIM incoming call
    Incoming Text - SMS FREE
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    eSIM specific advantage

    Instant Activation

    Your MobilityPass International eSIM consist of a QR code that include the SIM digital profile to be scanned and installed by the setting application of your device.

    Digital Delivery

    The delivery of your MobilityPass International eSIM QR code is made instantly available within your Member area as soon your account have passed our verification.

    Dual & Multi SIM

    The eSIM boost your Smartphone to a Dual or Multi SIM device as you can choose to install usually up to 10 eSIM and manage the one you use at your glance.

    Device Portability

    The eSIM is a dematerialisation of the traditional SIM card, this allow and easy switch between device where distance do not exist anymore

    SIM Card specific advantage

    Free eSIM Upgrade

    When purchasing a MobilityPass SIM card you are entitle to a free upgrade to the eSIM version, this warranty apply durin 2 years from the date of your purchase. This is an important upgrade because the eSIM is becoming the standard in the most brand new device. eSIM also boost your device features.

    Free shipping

    Shipping Options:
    Premium DHL/UPS/FedEx Expedited Worldwide delivery within 3 business days. You can also choose to send to an address in your destination, to hotel, friend’s, post or DHL office.
    We offer Free Expedited Shipping for orders above 99USD/EUR

    Multi size

    The MobilityPass SIM card is in"3 in 1" sizes that fit Standard, Micro and Nano slot. It's compatible with all unlocked GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G devices, Smartphone, Tablet, Modem, Router, Mi-Fi, mobile devices .... To take advantage of the 4G SecureXpress MobilityPass SIM Card speed your device must be 4G enabled (your selected network shall also have 4G availability in your location) , that is the case of the most recent devices, iPhone, Galaxy, Notes, MiFi etc...

    What do you Get

    eSIM & SIM Card Benefit

    Single Account - Multi SIM

    One account = Single Currency = Single Credit = Central Management & control for Multi countries and Multi SIM

    Pay as you Go

    No line rental, no call setup or connection fees, no hidden costs, no contracts, no commitment, no obligations, no roaming charges for incoming calls in certain countries. You only pay for what you use. No “usage” = No “billing”. Check our Coverage Do not forget that you can get up to 20% discount on our rates when you add certain amount of funds to your account. Check our rates

    Flat Daily Billing for Data

    In addition to Pay as you Go rates, The MobilityPass International eSIM offers daily bundles for certain set amount of Data (100Mb, 400Mb or 1000Mb per day) with daily flat rates debited from your account balance. You can instantly activate, stop or renew it from your Smartphone whenever you need. This allows you additional saving up to 80%

    Data Bundle Management

    The data bundles are activated directly from your Smartphone phone with instant activation, you can renew the data bundle/booster as many times as you need, providing you have sufficient funds in your account, or you can stop it when you do not need to use it anymore.

    Easy Reload valid 1 year

    Easily manage your expenditure anytime from Liechtenstein or anywhere.
    Unlike other eSIM credit that expire within 30 or 90 days and cannot be reloaded, the International MobilityPass eSIM credit is active for a period of 365 days from its purchase or its last recharge. You can recharge online, we accept major credit or debit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, etc... You will receive a status of your spending each day that you are using the services.
    Do not forget that you can get up to 20% discount on our rates when you add certain amount of funds to your account.

    eSIM & SIM Card Features

    • Data, Call & Text
    • GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
    • Tethering Allowed
    • Mobile Line/number
    • Works anywhere
    • Voice Mail, Caller ID, Forward

    !!! Activate at anytime a Data Plan for 80% savings and more Data!

    Activate a Plan when you need it
    You are the one in Control

    International eSIM how it works MobilityPass!

    The MobilityPass eSIM and SIM Card are not limited to Liechtenstein and will work all around the world

    With your MobilityPass account you are no more tied to one single carrier around the World or through there alliance, you are totally independant to choose any one at any time from any countries where it´s available


    Activate your eSIM right now or order a SIM Card with "Free eSIM upgrade"