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iPad exclusive 3G VPN Micro SIM card, connectivity, security and privacy all over the world
International VPN encrypted 3G mobile broadband Internet access in 130 Countries over 350 Carriers.
One account, One configuration, One SIM, Pay as you go, No contract
The Privilege to get High Speed encrypted data connectivity anywhere.
The 3G VPN SecureXpress Micro SIM for iPad is designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers and travellers by providing encrypted high-speed instant access to the web, Emails and mission critical information.
3G SecureXpress a Confidential solution for Worldwide data access.
The 3G SecureXpress is the ideal companion abroad for Mobile workers, Frequent Travellers, Corporate, Organization, Embassy, ONG, Remote Office, Financial, Health Care, VIP, Road Warriors... Use it in the move in a taxi, mobile-home, yacht, plane, ships, trains, remote office or anywhere you need.
Drop drastically your Internet roaming cost
Control and manage it through a simple and efficient online secure interface portal and take away all the hassle of connecting to the internet when you are abroad.
Privacy, Confidentiality and Security without compromise.
While you are out of your office or home your informations are at risk. Your iPad 3G connection will be automatically encrypted without additional software to the highest levels of protection it needs. The 3G SecureXpress allow you to bypass networks services and countries limitations.